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Employee Customer Setup & Retention

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The Employee Customer Setup & Retention has a good understanding of our products and services for the specific area he/she works in.

He/she needs to be experienced in a usage of our main frame customer databases and needs to understand all product features and benefits.

He/She is responsible for:

  • Handling all customer application forms end-to-end within the framework of known policies and procedures.
  • Documenting and archiving all the necessary client details and documents as defined in policies and regulations.
  • Validating the personal identification information to ensure only customers with valid ID’s are accepted to join the franchise.
  • Contacting customers to request missing information on application forms if required.
  • Setting up correctly and accurately all card member information in our systems to ensure the cards can be issued appropriately.
  • Following all the steps necessary in the card set-up and the SEPA direct debit processes including Bizagi input, AML checks and underwriting checks,  strictly following the risk/score model.
  • Recognizing when to escalate and asking for support from team leader or senior colleague.
  • Supporting on-boarding of new colleagues by explaining the details of the job in a clear and accurate way.
  • Producing reporting ‘on demand’
  • Working in a disciplined way with a high level of accuracy and against SLA timelines.
  • Be trusted to respect confidentiality with regard to all customer data.


He/She works under the supervision of a team leader.

Minimal expertise and competencies

The incumbent also needs at a minimum to meet the following level of expertise and competencies:

  • few or no precedent product knowledge is required, the function can be executed with a sufficiant level of experience and education and is done instructed and supervised by a team leader.
  • understand and correctly interpret known data within well-defined procedures.
  • execute the tasks is a systematic way within a clear task description, with step-by-step supervision of a team leader.
  • transfer own knowledge and transfer way of working in a formal and informal way.
  • answer correctly and in a structured way the most common questions from customers according to set rules and procedures. Able to correctly report on data and incidents.
  • treat others fair, respect confidentiality and approach others in an honest way.

Technical Expertise

Education and learning time

The function requires a knowledge that is at least equivalent to a bachelor’s agree (or equivalent experience) with at 3 to 6 months learning time.



Dutch - Experienced (written & oral)

French - Experienced (written & oral)

English - Experienced (written & oral)



MS Office - Experienced

Proprietary IT platforms

Job specific IT systems

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